Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's pardy like da Iyish!

I'm not a fan of corn beef or cabbage really. In fact, I've never even attempted to do anything special for St. Patrick's day because as we all know, I'm not Irish. But this year was different. Thomas mentioned to me that he really likes corn beef so I found a recipe online for Creamy Corn Beef Casserole. I tweaked the recipe a little to my liking and it turned out great!

Just to warn you all, a can of corn beef hash has 24 grams of fat per serving! Talk about heart attack food! Good thing St. Patrick's Day is only once a year!


  1. Hi! It's Toshimi, we met in December at the PCJC Youth Midwinter. Just wanted to stop and say hi!

  2. yay you have a blog!!!
    i hear you on the st. paddy's day. wayne absolutely loves corned beef and cabbage, so it is a tradition every year. i think we're not fan of the hash though.

  3. Mmmm, I've never made corn beef and not really a big fan. But I just tried a really good homemade one at church the other day. I may have to give your recipe a try.