Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ceej and his Stroller Cozy

Its a common fact that baby items can be expensive. I'm really frugal when it comes to baby things. For one thing they grow out of everything very quickly and secondly, if you can get it cheaper than that's even better! I searched high and low for an adequate stroller cozy that would fit in his Joovy Kooper (btw, which I LOVE and so glad we invested in it!). Nothing seemed to be a good design. Some seemed to bulky and almost hid the baby like the Bundle Me by JJ Cole. Then I looked at WAHM design at Etsy and she came up with this. After looking at that, I thought I could make an even better design for a under $10!

My design has fleece in the inside, serged vertical slots to put the stroller harness through, canvas backing so the blanket does not budge while we're in transit, and velcro on the side for exit and entry. I also added Spiderman decorative fabric which made it fun and attractive to the eye. I've had a few moms compliment me and encourage me to try to make more and sell them. Thanks for the encouragement but I'm not sure if I want my off time to be spent laboring in production. I'll make them when I feel like it.

I'm pretty proud of myself for this one.


  1. nice! diy is the way to go! :D great job on this ... i bet it could also be nice to have one with wipeable fabric on the outside and fleece on the inside for when ceej gets a bit messy!

  2. your projects are soooo cool!!