Sunday, February 22, 2009

Projects Completed: Mei Tai Carrier and Cowl Neck Scarf

Here it is! After a few days of studying a few pictures and online patterns for the Mei Tai Carrier (or some call it an Asian Baby Carrier), I finally made one myself. Not bad, only took about 2 afternoons to do it. I loosely followed a pattern by Kimber's Ball Baby Overall which had great and easy to follow directions. With this baby carrier, you can carry your baby three different ways- on your back, on the front, or on the hip. I'll get a picture with CJ in it soon.

A few years back I made a scarf for my Dad. He loved it to peices and my mom told me that he kept on wearing it even though the edges were all frayed. So more recently, he asked me to make something like the scarf above. After completing it, he told me he LOVED it and it was exactly what he was looking for: light, easy to travel with, and not needing to wrap it around the neck and instead just pulling it over the head. I liked the one I made for him so much that I made one for myself. I didn't follow a pattern, I just kinda measured and kept count of my stitching. I don't even know what kind of knit stitch I did. I'm glad that I picked up knitting again. I forgot how theuraputic it was.

Ta daaaaa......

The Wii already?

Like Mommy like son. He learns so quickly.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snicker doodies

It's Thomas 32nd Birthday today. So it brings up an opportunity to bake something. I wanted to make snickerdoodles but all the recipes that I saw called for shortening. I hate shortening! It's pretty much fat in a stick. Sick! So I found this low fat recipe that didnt call for it and only asked for 2 tsp. of butter. Got the recipe from Flour-Arrangements. After eating two fo them, I must say that they are pretty good considering they are low fat.

Is it OK to crave Mc D's at weird hours of the night?

My hubby late at night on thursday briefly saw a Mc D's commercial on TV. Then it hit him at about 1 AM that night that he was dying for a Big Mac. So much so that he was repeated himself numerous times that he really really really wanted a Big Mac. About 11 hours later, he got everything he wanted: 2 big macs, filet of fish, and chic nuggets. There's something about eating Mc D's even though you know its loaded with empty calories and tons of fat. Its a comfort thing. So delish and scrumptious and according to my husband, its the only thing he'll eat when he'sick. The pic above says it all. He's got pure joy written all over his face.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Start of Something New

After much consistent persuasion from a few people in my life, I have decided to start a blog. I was meddling around in xanga for a while but I realized that blogspot just looks better for some reason. Anyways, I hope I can keep up with this...let's hope...let's cross our fingers. Its the start of something new! :)