Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got the sniffles? Wipe them in style!

In Hong Kong, everyone carries little packets of tissues because there's always a shortage of TP in the public bathrooms. Or people are using it to cover the bottom half of their faces because of the overly polluted air. Or to just blow their nose in them. Or to wipe tears from their faces and sauce off thier fingers. You get the point.

Now they can wipe in style! I plan to mail a few back to my family in Hong Kong. Got the awesome and easy tutorial from Skip to My Lou. What great gifts they will be! I made 5 in less than an hour. Sweet! :)


  1. this looks very similar to the envelope pillow (the kind that just folds over in the back) that i saw at erin's house that she made! well, smaller of course. sweet!

  2. these look great Esther!!! good job!

    i'll be back next thursday! hope to see you! i miss you!

  3. Very cute :)

    I miss that about Japan...they always hand out tissues everywhere (with ads all over the covers of course). And wet napkins the restaurants provide! I really miss those.