Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Ching's Reunite!

Finally! The Ching's regroup for a family photo shoot! The husbands were busy at work but at least most of us were able to make it! Thank you to our friend Calvina for helping us!

Love how Miriya is busy peeling a cutie here.

See more here: Calvina Photography

Too cute for words and too cute to eat!

Oh well, I ate it anyways (in celebration of Kris Allen's win on American Idol)!

Great job sister's at the Joint on making these cup cake lollipops! Delish! See more cupcake lollipops on Dozen Flours.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

That was 10 years ago

Recently a friend reminded me that my 10 year high school reunion was coming up! I can't believe it! Am I really THAT old? Where has the time gone? Often I think that I haven't done enough in the past 10 years since high school but once I think a little harder, a lot has happened!

Like the puffy feathers in my senior picture? Does pro image even exist anymore?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time to let the hair go

I love his hair. Its what makes him different and stand out from the crowd of other Chinese babies. But it was getting really hot and he'd be sweaty all the time. I agreed with my hubs that it was time to let the hair go.

Prepping him to get his hair cut. This is how he looked before.

During the hair cut, we had to bribe him with lots of snacks. Eventually that didn't work and it turned into a cry fest.

But finally it was all over. Now he looks so clean cut, so fresh, so ready to go out to town. Looks like an engineer.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The year of party favors!

Tomorrow we're having another party at our place. This time we are celebrating my nephew's one month birthday, my neice's 2nd birthday, CJ's first birthday (again!), 2 cousins graduating from college, and Mother's day. Phew...! Anyways, preppin' for that is a lot of work. Parties always need party favors, right? So I've made a handful of different party favors at all sorts of events this year. I'm getting a little more desperate on what things to make. I want something easy, cheap, fun, and most of things being edible. Please give me some ideas! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A question for my readers...if there are any out there!

Does anyone know how to pick a ripe pineapple?