Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's hotter in Arizona

Yeah, that's so obvious. I went from it being in the 90's last week here in San Jo and went into a oven in Arizona as it was 110 degrees there. Man, good thing there's lots of AC everywhere I go. It was a fun trip, just a little short. Thomas was on missions and I had a few days to do nothing so I took this opportunity to visit my very good friend, Erin Li/Dayala.

Sorry about the bad picture quality of these pictures. It was taken by my terrible Red Easy Share Kodak Camera.

Ready to fly! He did great! No crying or fussing, just a lot of curiosity.

Had to hit up Chik-fi-la. Love this place! They had free breaky the whole entire week, featuring something different everyday. Ofcourse I felt bad just getting the free items so we ordered some other things. When I ordered coffee, they had 3 different roast for me to choose from. Beat that, Mc D's! Anyways another thing I noticed is that Chik-fi-la is very "Christian". They close on Sundays and they play Christian music over the loud speakers. So I guess you somewhat get indoctrinated while eating your chicken sandwich.

We also headed to the Pheonix Children's Museum. I remember taking this picture and saying/thinking something like "hurry hurry, its freakin' hot!". Poor Ceej, his legs are burning up. Anyways, fun place and better than the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum. A lot of hands on fun and great kids art displays mixed into the building's design.

Lots of stroller parking everywhere. Its needed...

This is Ceej's favorite! Its all these swimming noodles tied up on the ceiling that cover part of the top floor. Kids just run in and out of it and laugh with glee.

Ceej "butting" into other kids and mommy reading time. He likes to butt into everything nowadays.
This was prob my most fave thing in Pheonix. Erin and I were looking around for something local, special and different. We found the Urban Cookie. The owner (as seen here) is describing to us everything that he makes and the ingredients, etc. Nice guy, makes me jealous a little because he seems like he really enjoys what he does. We bought a bunch of cookies and found my favorite which was a pineapple coconut cookie. Good stuff!
Erin nicely posing next to the vanilla lemon cupcake. The frosting is nice and light, not heavy like Sprinkles cupcakes.
Night times consisted of sitting inside, cooling off, and swimming.
Last but not least, Erin and her hubs, Ryan celebrated three years of marriage. I totally forgot that it was that same week we visited! Oops... bad on me. I should've known! I was in their wedding too. Anyways, Erin got three pairs of jordan's to represent each year together. Inside joke. Har.