Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh tomatoes!

Its been a really really busy summer for me. So busy that many of my eco living ways were thrown out the door (temporarily, I hope). It's really not that convenient trying to be green. I have recently eaten many packaged foods (more fast food than normal too) and I haven't cloth diapered in close to 2 months. Plus my hopes in starting a compost pile has dwindled, perhaps next year I'll get around to it. But somehow I found a little time to try to grow something...

As some of you have seen in one of my past post (see here), you would prob remember that I recently took a stab at gardening. Oh boy, I'm so embarrassed to admit that I'm absolutely terrible at it! Its my second season of attempting it too. Last year was a horrible year where I tried to grow some zucchini. I didn't know this but zucchini can over take your yard in an instant. The leaves which shade the fruit are really huge and in a matter of weeks can block other plants if its not situated in a good spot.

Anyways, my mom and father in law convinced me to try again. This time with tomatoes. Everyone told me that "oh its easy!" or "all you have to do is water it". Um, well...let's just say that what happened last year had repeated itself. While other people I know growing tomatoes have already harvested large amounts, mine just started to turn from green to a pale pink. I'd say I have to wait at least a couple more weeks for my harvest to ripen. Apart from growing tomatoes, there's green beans somewhere in the mix. Its just a mess out there. The plants hit my legs while I'm trying to water them every morning.

On a brighter note, the Ceej has started walking. Within a matter of weeks, he looked from being a baby into a full on toddler. Actually, he looks like a total kid now.

Also, yesterday I saw Julie & Julia. The best movie of the summer, fo sho!