Friday, March 20, 2009

Babies can wear leg warmers

Yes, its cute on babies! Not too cute on adults though.

Today I made my second pair of baby leg warmers (aka Baby Legs). I could never justify paying $12+ for one pair so I made my own. I saw a DIY tutorial here. It only cost me $1.97 for the socks and about 5 minutes of picture taking to get a decent picture of the Ceej in them. He's too active to even get one good shot of him nowadays. Growing up too fast!


  1. CJ looks so cute!! My little ones wear babylegs too!

  2. I love baby leg warmers! but I can't sew if my life's depend on it, lol. It's getting warmer now tho, so Noelle doesn't really wear hers. I hope she can still wear them later on.

  3. Hey Esther! I can't believe your kid is so big now, and I've never met him! Maybe I should visit CCIC-SJ this Sunday ... (you're still there, right?)

    Also, do you sell on You should! Let me know if you do, 'cause I may also have a small opportunity for you.