Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slurpies and Wii means Spring Break!

Through the years working as youth ministers, I have seen many groups come and go. I've seen kids grow tall, voice change, different hair styles, baggy jeans go to skinny, etc. But for some reason as I get older, I feel like the kids start youth group at a younger age (as in maturity). It's still fun and rewarding.

Even though we have a baby, we've still had a handful of sleep overs at our place. We have one today. Right now as I type the boys are playing Ghost Squad on Wii and making "nut" shots. I'm making chili dogs and fries for dinner. Last sleep over I made tacos. Boys prefer heart attack foods while girls prefer healthy light alternatives such as pita and hummus.

Tonite they will sleep late and watch "scary" PG-13 movies. I will be sewing and painting my toes while I wait for the night to be over.

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