Thursday, April 30, 2009

Backyard Patio Upgrade

Finally got around to making some nice pillows for the backyard patio. It took me about a year of living here to decide that this is what it needed. I look around to buy some pillows but I didn't see any nice neutral ones that were priced right. So I just sewed some up- ended up being about 5 bucks for materials each and about an hour of labor for all three. Makes me smile looking at our backyard now! Next up is possibly a garden!?


  1. YES!! garden!! we're doing our second one this year. :)
    p.s. your backyard looks really nice!! can't wait to see it tomorrow!

  2. nice!! grow some herbs or veggie, then you can have home-grown produce. Or raise chickens!! free and fresh eggs :-)

  3. VERY impressive :) And happy belated B-day to CJ...the pics you posted are adorable :).