Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Facebook, Yes to Twitter!

See, this is what mojitos do to you! I had 2 small glasses of this refreshing drink yesterday while playing some Boogie Wii game and my cousin somehow convinced me to join.

I've said no to Facebook because I knew that it would eat up many hours of my day as my youth at Church say its one of their greatest things that stopping them from focusing on God. But I figured that Twitter won't be as time consuming. Follow me here if you like!


  1. Hehe, that's funny! I am the other way around...I have FB and refuse to join online social network is enough for me! Hope you enjoy Twitter...Dustin has it :).

  2. instead of avoiding, it could be a lesson on self-discipline... as this applies to so many other things out there that can suck your time away from God (not just facebook). :)