Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Best Small Investment Made in 2009, So Far..

I would say I'm a creature of habit. Once I do something repeatedly for about a week or so I have the habit down to keep doing it. I used to think my parents were nuts to have coffee every morning but I have caught on. Coffee is great. There is something very soothing about the aroma of it. It's comforting.

So the other day I was at my friend Janet's house for brunch. She whipped out this thing that I've never seen before and told me that it was a single cup coffee filter. This was an ingenious idea! Whoever thought of this is amazing! No longer will I need to run my coffee maker to make one small cup of coffee. Plus, this Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Maker only cost me $2.40 at Bed Bath Beyond (I used a 20% off coupon that I get in the mail every so often).

This is by far the best small purchase I have made this year. Tell me about yours if you have one!

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