Friday, November 13, 2009

My son, the artist!

This week, our Ceej started "school". It was a big step for me to do this because I felt that he was okay to be home with me all day. But something was know, the interaction with children, the group experience, and spending time with other people besides me. All these things I can't teach him at home. Our neighbor down the street has graciously been able to take him in 2 times a week temporarily to see how he'll do. He's the youngest amongst all the other kids and they do curriculum there daily so he's not just playing all day. I want him to learn! I want him to be a genius by the ripe age of 2.

Other kids at "school" were trying to teach him how to color with crayons. So I tested him at home to see how well he would do.
So, what do you think? Future graphic designer? Painter? Art teacher? I'm dreaming too early... he's only 18 months old.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, his lines have such good form and flow and the placement of those graphics--nice!

    Miss seeing how big this little boy is now!