Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snicker doodies

It's Thomas 32nd Birthday today. So it brings up an opportunity to bake something. I wanted to make snickerdoodles but all the recipes that I saw called for shortening. I hate shortening! It's pretty much fat in a stick. Sick! So I found this low fat recipe that didnt call for it and only asked for 2 tsp. of butter. Got the recipe from Flour-Arrangements. After eating two fo them, I must say that they are pretty good considering they are low fat.


  1. hehe, you always like cutting out shortening...but it pays off...'cause your low-fat banana bread is AWESOME :).

  2. Kenn and I are in love with your snickerdoodles!! Seriously-- good stuff! Glad you started the blog-- can't wait to read more! :)